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Graphic Impressions

Imagine being a little girl, growing up in the sixties and having two parents that said you can be, or do anything you want to. That is how this entrepreneur was born.

At the age of eight I started selling hand made pot holders door to door . I would run home and reinvest in more product. My first adult venture was in the cross stitch industry, I sold that business after finding my love of fabric.

I wanted my next business to be fun, to make people smile. So away I went with novelty fabrics. But by far my greatest accomplishment was finding items that people did not know they needed. The Toy Department was born, and I became the The Toy Lady. I love being at a show and hearing... lets go see what the toy lady found. I hope that you will come back often to see the fun items that we keep adding.

Remember we carry all the items you never knew you needed.

Let's play,